Ned Kelly, Hero or Villain?

At the age of 25, Edward (Ned) Kelly was hanged in Melbourne for the murder of a policeman at Stringybark Creek. The inscription on the policmans grave read by ‘armed criminals. Many however during this time thought Kelly was a hero. So what was he, hero or villain? In your books write whether you think he is a hero or a villain and why? Our next step will be to look at Ned’s life and find evidence to support our theories.

Click on the word timeline below, it will take you to the Ned Kelly touring timeline  you need to  create your own timeline of Ned’s life  by dating and summarising the main points, you will also be asked to write down any evidence you feel makes him a hero or villain on a post it note and place it where you think it belongs.

ned wantedned-kelly_omgCapture


Early Australian Bushrangers

Click on the following link to learn about the history of Bushrangers and answer the following questions in full sentences in your workbook.

1. Why did people become bushrangers?

2. How long did the bushranging period last?

3. Who were bushrangers compared to? What does this mean.

4. Who did the bushrangers harass? Why?

5. Why did people become bushrangers in Tasmania?

6. Who was the first bushranger?

7. How did he survive and was he caught?

8. Who helped the bushrangers?

9. How did the police play a part in turning people into bushrangers?

10. Choose one of the bushrangers listed on this site  Martin Cash, ‘Bold’ Jack Donohoe, Black Douglas or ‘Mad Dan’ Morgan and tell me

Who they were?  What they did? Were they caught? Where they lived and any other useful information.

11. How did the Government bring bushranging under control and what were people allowed to do?

I See, I Think, I Wonder?

Tom_Roberts_-_Bailed_up_-_Google_Art_Project‘Bailed Up’ is an 1895 painting by Australian artist Tom Roberts. Your job is to save the ‘I see, I think, I wonder? template to your desktop and fill it in with information about this painting. After you have done that you then need to save your work to a folder you have created  on your desktop that you will call  ‘Bushrangers’.